Friday, July 19, 2013

What we are going to do this year.

Hello Enrichment Students,

               This year is going to be a very interactive year. We will be going through different projects and lessons based on everything from current events to engineering. While doing this we will work on the different reading, math, and 21st century skills that you need to know.
Here is a run down of what is expected of you this year:
1. Bring a note book that you can leave in the room to use on a daily basis.
2. Bring some type of writing utensil. Whether it be a pen or pencil, I do not care but I must me able to read it and NO MARKERS.
3. Bring an open-minded attitude. We will be having several discussions on various topics and you must be able to learn to listen. Not only will you learn to listen to others opinions but others will listen to you. It is a two way street.
4. Be respectful
5. If a guest comes in the room, please do not stare at them or talk to them, unless they ask you a         question. All guest are either there to help or see what you are doing. So be nice and stay on task.
6. Bring your agendas with you to class, you will need this to leave the room. You only have so many            passes a quarter, so do not waste them all.
These are the major topics I would like you to know but there are other rules and regulations we will talk about later.

Right now I would like each of you to reply to this post with a post of your own. I would like to write your answers in your notebook and please make sure each answer is numbered. 
1. What is your name?
2. Name three things you did this summer.
3. What was your favorite thing you did this summer? 
4. What was your least favorite thing you did this summer?
5. What is your goal for this year? (Can be personal or academic)
6. What steps will you take to achieve that goal?

Next, you are going to turn your answers into a paragraph. The paragraph must have full sentences and be no more than 10 sentences long and no less than 6 sentences. 

See my example notebook entry.